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We work on diverse and complex security products of tomorrow. We help our customers achieve their envisioned plan for new or improved solutions in both software and hardware. The range of the security products we deliver vary from intelligence oriented communication solutions to highly secured and easy to use access control and alarm solutions.


Secintech offers a combination of various solutions to a wide area of markets and sectors. Our customers include public sector such as local and regional authorities, business sector including companies, hotels and property owners, private market such as private homes and housing co-ops.


We believe in reliable quality products which combined with our secure software stand out from the crowd. We develop our products ourselves and always make sure customers needs are being heard and met. We also make sure to bring you the latest software updates to secure your privacy and security.

About US

Our team at Secintech has a broad and unique experience developing digital security systems of the future. We strive to be at the forefront of our products and we focus strongly on our customers needs. Our strength is our knowledge of the market and the wide contact net in reaching out to public, corporate and private sectors. Our core values are quality, security and functionality.

soon to be introduced

We will soon introduce our intelligent access control system with built-in sensors for alarm and new ways of access and control. Visual calendar and booking of a room will be easier and more secure for employees in a busy office environment.


We are looking for investors who want to be part of a dynamic and innovative organisation with sharp solutions. Secintech is on an exciting journey with great possibilities ahead. Our ambition is a long-term profitable growth. Contact us to learn more.



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